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FOSTA Statement

FOSTA/SESTA  Statement

We are a company organized in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with offices in Eastern Europe and Bosnia.  Our physical site (company and bank) is located outside of US jurisdiction. Therefore we are bound
by our local laws, not US infringing law.  I hope this clears question and please do ask if additional.  We DO respect US law and hope that if your are US
that you will refrain from using this site but we will NOT filter any requests for content just because US law requests us to.  If this is an issue, please take it up in our local courts. We DO not modify, review or censor any posts in any way. 

You are responsible for what you post.  We also do not review posts or even review them, so we are not aware of any 3rd party content that is posted. This site does not in any way (manual review or automated process) moderate, monitor or review posted content.  Responsibility of any content that is visible on this site falls upon the originating party of the content.  We are unable (as we do not keep record of) to provide ANY information regarding the origination of any post on this or any other of our sites.

EFC Media LLP, it's owners, operators and any/all affiliated other parties or other owners are not responsible or are of the content generated by users or other means on, or any other company operated sites.

If any content appearing on the afore mentioned sites violates in any way United States Federal Law, Local Law or United States State Law, the owners, operators and any/all affiliated parties are not aware of illegal content or know in any way about content posted on the site and the content is not monitored in any shape form or fashion either by manual or automated moderation or editing.  If any Illegal content appears on the afore mentioned sites, is is done without the knowledge of EFC Media LLP, it's owners, operators and any/all affiliated other parties or other owners. Further, all computer logs regarding the site, user access and generated content are no longer recorded and kept, the site is unable to provide any such data to any organization as it is not available after 1 minutes of origination.  The site will no longer be able to provide any information to any agency or organization requesting it as it is not retained for over 1 minute.  Please do not email requesting any information about posts made.  We simply do not keep record or awareness of any posts made on the site or any site affiliated with